Robin Ince - Chaos of Delight
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Lakin McCarthy

Robin Ince's Chaos of Delight

'The winner and co-star of the Rose D'Or award winning The Infinite Monkey Cage, Sony Gold and, most importantly, Pointless Celebrities is back on the road with an artist's manifesto of delight and curiosity'

Robin Ince mashes up the two cultures of art and science in this celebration of the human mind from Bohemians to Black Holes, Dali to DNA, another of his stand up sort of lectures

Robin's new book, I'm a Joke...and So Are You (Atlantic books) available at all good book stores from Oct 2018

'The Ince brain is like a black hole in a galaxy of knowledge. When it collides with another black hole - say the Fringe - the energy waves that are produced are perceived, by us, as "shows". **** The Scotsman

"He's defined a generation of comics" Stewart Lee.