Ricky and Dave - Gigglelos

Ricky and Dave – Gigglelos is a Free Fringe show and hour of light humour that relaxes you into laughing in a comfortable atmosphere. It might be a comedian’s cliché to insult their audience members, but Ricky and Dave’s insults are excused due to their likeability and ease at engaging with you. You’ll almost find yourself agreeing with their jibes!

A lovely evening of good laughs.

“A fun-filled barrage of jokes and games to keep you entertained” is a slightly misleading claim, as the only game introduced is an improvisation where the audience is introduced to Tinder and a volunteer tries to create conversations on the Tinder account on behalf of the performer. This, unfortunately, leads to more focus on the Tinder account than on the rest of the show.

David Murphy steals the show when he enters the stage with a nice casual familiarity and keeps us engaged. There is definitely potential for Murphy as he is engaging, quick-witted, and confident on stage; I hope to see him again during the Festival.

Overall, my three stars are for a lovely evening of good laughs. However there is room for improvement – clarity with the delivery of material in particular as some lines were missed and the punch lines lost. 

Reviews by Jessica Innes


Ricky and Dave - Gigglelos

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The Blurb

Ricky Lount and David Murphy bring you an hour of stand-up comedy as they battle for control of the show. A fun-filled barrage of jokes and games to keep you entertained! These sharp-witted jokesmiths promise to keep you smiling and giggling as this dynamic duo tag team their way through an hour of comedy, always keeping the show fresh and funny.