Results Will Vary

The quartet of performers who make up Pop Heart Productions brought to life a piece of improvisational theatre with several compelling aspects and showed promise for the future.

there's much to recommend this performance of impressive word-play

With a narrative chosen by the audience, each evening of Results Will Vary will end up playing out differently and the key for this improvisational shows will be to maintain a consistently high standard. For this performance, Pop Heart Productions cast members had to devise several skits around the subject matters of ‘shit jobs’ and ‘cliques’ - all chosen by the audience - and the ease in which the actors transitioned from one scene to the next brought about a slick routine with an added plethora of improvisation techniques. It was the performers mix of concrete and increasingly abstract scenes that kept the audience entertained throughout although the fluidity with which the production ran was halted at times by the occasional break in character as well as laughter from actors off-stage.

In spite of this, there's much to recommend in this performance of impressive word-play. Not only did this evening of eclectic episodes humorously teach me the sensuousness of shallots and the emotional layers of onions, it also showed the potential that this theatre company has for the future. Though still rough round the edges, there's plenty to come from Pop Heart Productions.

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The Blurb

Want to see a show where the actors don't know what's going to happen? This is a show that does exactly what it says on the box but refuses to be boxed-in. "Results Will Vary" because you, the audience, decide on the narrative themes delivering a different show every night.