Renz Novani: Spellbinder - Magic & Mystory

This stripped-down mind reading act doesn't have any music, set, lighting changes or bells and whistles and it doesn't need them. It's just Novani in a small black box studio with a table and a couple of chairs. He's dressed in casual clothes and is already onstage when I take my seat. As the show opens, he thanks us for being there and for our imminent involvement in the mind reading skills he is about to display.

If there is true magic out there, I believe that this man could find it

What follows is an hour of fantastic card tricks, unbelievable displays of mind reading and a finale that, although brief was the perfect way to end the set.

An act like this is only as good as its audience and Novani was up against it in this show with a large number of audience members not having English as a first language. Novani dealt with this with grace and charm, occasionally having to skip over a volunteer here and there but never leaving any doubt that, if it weren't for the language barrier, he could read thoughts in Polish too.

Dreams are a recurring theme in Novani's show with him taking time out to tell the story of his love for mentalism and magic and his desire to find the real magic that may be out there. If there is true magic out there, I believe that this man could find it and it was a delight to spend an hour in his company. 

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The Blurb

Renz is a modern magician with flair for the poetic, an obsession with the mind and a fascination for the unknown. In this outing he carefully weaves close up magic, thought reading and true stories into an intimate, honest and spellbinding experience that will have you wondering just what the mind is capable of. Expect audience involvement and moments of astonishment. Renz is returning to the Fringe after a successful run of his Mystic show last year. ‘Genius... stunned our audience’ (Citizens Theatre). ‘Impressive and compelling’ (STV). ‘Will shock and stun’ (