Fans of Rent will love this full length presentation and for those who have never seen it, this is a great opportunity to watch a rip-roaring production. Based in New York City, Uncompromising Artistry Productions under director Nicola Murphy has had the benefit of creative consultation from original Broadway cast member Anthony Rapp. He perfectly describes this cast as “dynamic, authentic, and extraordinarily talented”.

To see this production of Rent is an opportunity not to be missed.

Infused with the energy and grittiness of NYC the actors’ cohesion creates the powerful sense of community that exists between members of the bohemian Alphabet City living under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. Such is the talent of this large cast I imagined they had been running the show for months if not years elsewhere. Not so. With few rehearsals this ad hoc troupe has become a tightly knit team of highly confident performers fired with boundless energy and passion. The authenticity of their performances gives credibility to the story and their characters come alive as genuine people confronting the issues of their day.

The show moves at a terrific pace and the action is unrelenting. There are stunning performances all round with not a weak link to be found, just more and more pleasure to be derived from songs that wend their way through a gamut of emotions. There is a certain equality about this show which befits the lives and circumstances of its characters. There are lead parts, of course, and quite a number of them both male and female, but also many opportunities to shine in minor roles. In the hands of this universally talented cast they are all clearly defined and it’s not long before we know these people and begin to understand their lives and loves, their dreams and their regrets.

The lofty setting of Paradise in Augustines befits this big production and provides good acoustics for both singers and the powerful band that has full command of the score. The space is not small, but highlights the size of the cast when they are all on stage and there are some tight manoeuvres at times around the versatile set.

To see this production of Rent is an opportunity not to be missed. 

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The Blurb

Jonathan Larson's gripping rock musical is brought to life by NYC based Uncompromising Artistry Productions. The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning Rent took the world by storm when it premiered on Broadway in 1996. Seeking to recapture the immediacy of this modern day classic, UAP pays tribute to the legacy of Larson's beloved masterpiece, with artistic consultation from original cast member, Anthony Rapp. Set in New York's bohemian Alphabet City under the shadow of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Rent illuminates the power of community and the necessity of love in our darkest times. Directed by Nicola Murphy.