Remainiacs: A Brexit Podcast
  • West End

It's chapter two of Remainiacs Live! The cast of Britain's biggest independent Brexit podcast take the stage for an evening of no-bullshit Brexit talk, bad Brexit jokes& and maybe a few ways to fight back against the nightmare we've found ourselves in.

Join regulars Ian Dunt, Dorian Lynskey, Ros Taylor and Naomi Smith for an exclusive live edition of the cult podcast that gives Remainers the strength to go on. There'll be no-holds-barred Brexit talk and in-depth analysis from our panel, plus a chance to ask the panel about those customs union questions burning a hole in your back pocket.

Everything you love about the podcast and more, plus the opportunity to pick up exclusive Remainiacs t-shirts, mugs and other assorted merch we've put together for those who won't just shut up and get on with it.