Ray Peacock: Here Comes Trouble

‘BANG’ - and we’re off. Before the show has even started, Peacock has already thrown his audience from their seats with a bout of loud music. As he shamelessly strolls onto stage, Peacock admits that he’d been peeping from behind the curtains – it obviously works every time. At this point we can only guess what is in store; a show of incessant mischievousness, wit and a plethora of mastermind pranks.

This upbeat, highly comical show offers nothing more than an overindulgence of laughter.

Despite the measly turnout, Peacock didn’t shy away from his audience; his impulsiveness swiftly deterred any possible moments of awkwardness, as he reassured the crowd that they were attending an exclusive ‘secret’ gig.

As the show unfolds the audience is taken on a voyage into the darkest corners of the self-confessed bipolar’s psyche, having been warned from the start that there may be moments of discomfort. Yet the relentless churning of his disturbing, yet hilarious past mishaps had the audience’s sides splitting in no time. At times laughter provoked by stories of a relationship break-up and a suicide attempt felt somewhat sadistic, however Peacock’s gritty conversational tone and cheeky snigger invited his audience to do nothing else. Creating light from the darker undertones of life remains Peacock’s forte.

Peacock is elated to relive the countless moments he once shared with his former partner in crime Ed (Gamble). Take, for instance, their driving lesson on a motorway, as Peacock tells us how he contentedly allowed the inexperienced Ed to ‘have a go’ on the wheel, whilst he struggled to dust the pedals with the tips of his toes. One can only begin to wonder whether Peacock is a cat with nine lives. However the A* prankster doesn’t stop there; from setting up a global search patrol for the missing Sky man Andy, to terrorizing the higher authorities with a pretend stalking incident, by the end of the show we are glad that Peacock has his stage name to hide behind.

This upbeat, highly comical show offers nothing more than an overindulgence of laughter. Peacock is constantly pulling legs and keeping his tongue in his cheek as he relays the life of a madman.

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Ray Peacock: Here Comes Trouble




The Blurb

Ray Peacock has been a very naughty boy recently and it's time to find out why. Join the quadruple Chortle Award nominated comedian and best bit of Peacock & Gamble as he takes you through a myriad of mischief and misdemeanours in an attempt to get to the bottom of what drives a grown man to such infantile behaviour. I've come in well under the word count, can I get some money back? ‘Combining the childish mischief of John Belushi with the victimised protestations of the underdog’ **** (List). ‘Incessantly hilarious’ (Guardian). ‘Unrestrained silliness' (Independent).