Rawhide Comedy Club
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What do you want from a night out? A bit of dinner? Table service drinks? Some staggeringly good comedians making you laugh? Thought so.

Rawhide Comedy Club has had the people of Liverpool laughing in venues all around the city since 1995. Three tip top comedians and a compere beyond compare combine to tickle your ribs and batter your funny bones with their comedy sledgehammers.

The new Downstairs room at the Royal Court is stunning and Rawhide has made itself at home. There are only 150 tickets a night available (100 including meals) you will need to be quick off the mark to bagsy your place.

So get your laughing gear warmed up, get your glad-rags on and get down to Rawhide!

"I'll be there" The Jackson Five

"Let's give the comics a big hand" Donald Trump


16 & 17 March: Allyson June Smith, Mickey P Kerr and John Scott with MC Dave Twentyman (16) and Sam Avery (17)

23 & 24 March: Lloyd Langford, Kevin Dewsbury and Charlie Baker with MC Sam Avery

30 & 31 March: Rob Rouse, Kai Humphries and Silky with MC Sam Avery (30) and Jim Smallman (31)

6 April: Dan Evans, Brennan Reece and Richard Morton with MC Sam Avery

7 April: Barry Dodds, Katie Tracey and Richard Morton with MC Sam Avery

Performance Information

Tickets are available with a meal (served at your table before the show) for an extra 12. Click here to see our menu. If you are eating with us please arrive at least an hour before the performance.

Maximum group size for Rawhide Comedy Club is 30 people.

There are a couple of rules but the most important one is that there should be no talking amongst yourselves while an act is on stage. We reserve the right to remove groups who are disrupting the show. So don't say we didn't warn you.

Please note - the bar will close 15 minutes before the advertised start time.

There are no booking fees payable (hurrah!)