Rahul Kohli: All My Heroes are Racist, Homophobes, or Touched Up Your Gran
  • West End

Rahul Kohli grew up with many heroes. He now realises all of them are or if not will be exposed as homophobes, sex pests, Nazis and perhaps even homunculi secretly harvesting human lives in an attempt to attain a Philosophers Stone. As a result, he now has no heroes, and treats everyone as potential Nazi-paedophiles (I'm looking at you). From his favourite wrestler Hulk Hogan to the football club Newcastle United, to even his political champion Gandhi. But was everyone that ever lived truly a horrid bag of shit? Or are societies standards changing at an exponential rate humanity is just not ready for yet? Explore this question with a man who knows what he's talking about (He accidentally befriended a paedophile two years ago, no shit!). P.s, it's that everyone that ever lived was a bag of shit, including you& especially you. BUT COME FIND OUT WHY: 7PM. MUSEUM OF COMEDY. As seen on BBC Big Asian Comedy Night. As heard on BBC Radio 4, 3 & Scotland. NATYS 2017 Winner.