Rahul Kohli: A Not So Chubby, Brown
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Brexit, Trump, Your mam. The World is in turmoil. Increasing divisions, battle lines being drawn. Centuries of liberal progress being ripped back. The left say the right are too unintelligent to know what theyre really voting for. The right say the left have spent so much time with their head up their arse, they cannot see the wood from the trees, only a close up of their own revolting sphincter. The World is on fire.

Luckily Newcastle Brown Male: Rahul Kohli (not the dude from iZombie) is here with a giant hose (ladies) to put that fire out. Unfortunately Rahul is king of the sesh and that hose is full of sambuca.

From dabbing with Migos to pussy grabbing with Trump (is pussy even grabbable?), come see the political show that will have everybody talking this year saying things like Cor he really thinks a lot of himself doesnt he and What a prick.

The future of the Universe is at stake.

As Heard on BBC Radio 4s State of the Nation,

Top Pick of 2016 Edfringe " Radio 4, The Huffington Post, The Skinny,

"Rising Star of Political Comedy" " Andy Zaltsman of the Bugle