Rachel Parris: The Commission

Rachel Parris writes the jingles for the ads that try to sell you unnecessary chattels and the pop shows that make you cringe. This is her revenge; this is her chance to sing the songs the way she wants to, as well as the ones no one would pay her to write. This is Rachel Parris unleashed.

Sex tips for the uninitiated; the truth about celebrity exercise videos; what no one will tell you about children and some heart-felt mockery of the X factor jostle for first place as highlights. Parris’ feelings about her best friend moving on gradually unfold throughout the show, ending in a poignant song about loss. Parris is like a summer storm; sunny and playful one minute, dark and treacherous the next. That Parris can take us to murky places without fear of losing or confusing a crowd that turned up for comedy illustrates her refined instinct for performing.

Self-described as ‘a narcissistic career showcase, much like Russell Howard's Good News’; this performance not only exhibits Parris’ musical back catalogue, but her mastery as an all-round performer. She totes a full complement of skills and talents in her stash- Parris has the voice of an angel, which she uses to counterpoint her occasionally less-than-angelic themes. A classically-trained pianist, no genre proves an obstacle to her, the songs she’s penned hold their own musically as well as lyrically. Even her dance moves find the perfect balance between parody and impressive. Her comic timing is immaculate; undercutting her whimsical and luminous persona with a twist of spite. She’s annoyingly talented, is what I’m getting at.

This show has it all; punchy one-liners; surprise endings, drama and wisdom, pathos and mirth. The production values are surprisingly high for the Free Fringe.

A golden hour of gratuitous glib and wit await. You’ve got time for this show, make sure of it!

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

In this darkly twisted debut from the award-nominated musical comedian, Parris lampoons Disney, The X-Factor and more. ‘Venomously witty’ (Evening Standard), ‘...really rather brilliant indeed’ (Huffington Post), ‘Tim Minchin in a frock’ (Londonist).