Quiz in My Pants

The difficulty with reviewing a show like this is that because the comedians change from day to day, the quality of the comedy and the direction the show takes is impossible to predict. Factors that other comedy shows do not have consider - the quality of the audience's contributions, for example - can have a huge impact on how an individual show develops. Indeed, the edition of Quiz in my Pants I went to see started off promisingly precisely because of the witticisms of a certain Wolfpack, an Australian punter-cum-impromptu guest panelist, whose relaxed humour proved almost as much of a surprise as his unusual name.

The three professional comedians and Wolfpack were reasonably well marshalled by long-time hostess Nicola Bolsover, who even managed to massage a couple of jokes out of Mat Ewins; the latter had obviously had one too many drinks the night before the show and just looked like he wanted to go to have a lie down. Luckily, Matt Richardson’s self-deprecating wit lifted the mood from Ewins' hangover-induced doldrums and helped make the rounds entertaining.

The games themselves will be familiar to anyone who's watched any TV panel show over the past few years, with a crude version of charades and a marmite cupcake eating contest proving the highlights of a generally solid show. Sometimes the improvisation fell a bit flat, not least when Wolfpack was conscripted into delivering some stand-up and ended up telling a racist joke of dubious taste. Some of Bolsover's one-liners are best forgotten, too. Nonetheless, overall Quiz in My Pants proved a decent hour's entertainment, and with more famous comedians occasionally drafted in as panelists, it's worth going along - especially as the whole event is totally free.

Reviews by Andrea Valentino


The Blurb

Edinburgh's silliest panel show returns for its fourth year! Special guests every day - previous guests include Miles Jupp, Joe Lycett and Henning Wehn. Features the ever-popular Muffin Diving round, and the world's longest quick-fire round!