Queer Side Story

As he shimmied onto stage, Gregoire Aubert’s performance of Queer Side Story could be nothing other than entertaining. Based on the well-known musical West Side Story, Aubert’s combination of exuberance and charm valiantly queered up the characters within it.

This all-inclusive piece was a fabulous way to kick-start anybody’s evening.

The costumes were nothing shortof spectacular. Ranging from a skimpy black number to a rather ornate dress, the diversity of costumes mirrored the myriad of issues that members of the LGBT community have faced over time. The revealing and bright costumes also mirrored Aubert’s unabashed pride at being homosexual. The many costume changes did nothing to hinder the flow of the performance however, due to the continuous flow of amusingly provocative chat whilst he was getting changed behind the onstage screen.

Indeed, it was the attention Aubert perpetually paid to the audience that made them warm to his efforts and aims. Whilst stating that certain areas of the world have come a long way in giving rights to those of the LGBT community, this celebration of queers, queens, gays and trans from yesteryear and nowadays also highlighted how discrimination still persists in certain areas of this planet.

In this adaptation of West Side Story, the many alternative perspectives of the songs are conveyed not only through passionate dancing and exquisite costumes but banter, laughter and emotion. The intertwining of music and political message alongside personal anecdote made this a truly raw performance that continuously captivated the audience’s attention. This all-inclusive piece was a fabulous way to kick-start anybody’s evening.

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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The Blurb

West Side Story revisited with a queer twist! What would it be like if the musical were told as a gay story? Love, tolerance, fun, drama... is there anything gayer?