Puddles Pity Party

Half clown, half rock opera, one-man show Puddles Pity Party is the Fringe debut of viral video star Puddles the Clown. At a staggering 6’8 tall with his snowy white clown costume, Puddles is both impressively imposing and equally understated. Without a single spoken word, Puddles offers glamorous rock ballads to Kevin Costner and cycles of surreal, comical audience interaction, delighting and daring in equal measure.

With favourites including Lorde’s Royals and Dancing Queen, Puddles caters to all ages and personalities.

With his audience laughing from start to finish, this fantastically flirty clown has an astounding singing voice and is a consistent crowd pleaser. To an extent, Puddles Pity Party lacks progression, with little development past the initial clown and music routines. However, the performance remains warm and whole-hearted. Puddles is a real joy to watch.

Originally from Philadelphia, Puddles extensively tours in the US and has become something of a legend on the Cabaret and Variety scene. With an extensive fan following, Puddles has made a trademark out of his unique mix of sad pop anthems and clown persona. Although a newcomer to the Fringe, Puddles is a tried and tested performer with an impressive ability to make the audience create their own comedy. He has perfected his sad clown stereotype and oozes humour throughout. With favourites including Lorde’s Royals and Dancing Queen, Puddles caters to all ages and personalities.

Towards the end of the show, the quirkiness of this unique character softens a little, and more could be done to mix up Puddles’ routine. Although his songs remain enjoyable, there is lack of variation at times and his jokes with the audience become somewhat predictable. But, the talented performer with the taste for the ridiculous should not be underestimated. With a number of fantastic moments shining through, Puddles keeps a smile on your face right to the very end. 

Reviews by Max Falkenberg

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The Blurb

With more than 100k fans worldwide on Facebook and over 20 million views on YouTube, the unique and critically lauded Puddles Pity Party is a must-see for the music and comedic talents of one of the world’s most famous clowns. Star of the Olivier Award-winning production of ‘La Soiree’, Puddles continues to trot the globe, singing his sad anthems for all the party people and finally bringing his comedy cabaret to Edinburgh! ‘Without a single spoken word Puddles can muster more audience chemistry than most ... it is an enthralling performance.' ****1/2 (Advertiser, Adelaide).