Pub Quiz for Kids with Patrick Monahan

If you have kids, take them to this show. If you don’t have kids, steal some and take them to this show. Patrick Monahan and his assistants Emily and Will set a new standard for kids’ entertainment while still giving the adults in the audience a cheeky wink and nod in their Pub Quiz for Kids.

This show is a winner all round.

You haven’t even entered the venue when you start being affected by this trios’ infectious energy. Emily bounds out with pigtails and a beam the size of the Royal Mile and starts getting the kids pumped up for the show and sorting us into teams. Once we’re sat down, Patrick begins with a little improv-patter. The kids love his animation and you can see them getting more excited by the second. His jokes are funny, a little naughty - but that seems to go over the kids’ heads, and all the adults are cackling within 30 seconds.

The format of the show is fairly traditional. It has the feel of a CBBC gameshow with rounds including General Story Knowledge, Guess the Theme Tune and a Dance Off. The mix of categories meant there was something for everyone - even a few questions directed mostly at the grown-ups - and it’s easy enough that children of all sorts of ages could play with it still being a fun challenge. The Dance Off seemed thoroughly enjoyed by all. The whole affair is lightning fast and Patrick manages to compère it effortlessly, keeping the pace up and the jokes rolling. His ability to ad-lib while interacting with his audience is seriously impressive, punning and teasing his way into everyone's hearts. The team made up entirely of grown-ups bar one small child was mercilessly roasted.

Patrick, Emily and Will get everything right. The setup - with Patrick in charge, Emily as good cop and Will as bad cop - created the perfect platform for them to bounce-off one another. It’s competitive, but it's friendly. Points are liberally handed out for right answers but also for amusing answers or a particularly witty comment. In the end, the teams are all really close in score so you’re not sending anyone home too distraught. I’m not super caught-up with kids’ entertainment these days, so I was lost on a lot of the questions, but everyone else seems to know the answers so it’s clearly pitched excellently well. It’s current, funny and deliriously energetic.

This show is a winner all round. I’ve been to stand-up gigs and laughed considerably less. Despite this being billed as a kids’ show and thoroughly appealing to its target demographic, I’m not entirely unconvinced that my twenty-something friends wouldn’t enjoy it as well. So, take your kids, take your mates, take your granny and make an appointment with Patrick and his team. 

Reviews by Millie Bayswater

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The Blurb

A brand new family fun quiz unlike anything you've seen before. We know the questions but only one person can know the answer. And that person's in the audience. Confused? So are we! Hosted by one of the UK's favourite stand-ups, this quiz will go where no quiz has gone before. You may not learn very much general knowledge, but you'll definitely find out a thing or two about the people sitting near you – maybe about yourself as well! So prepare for fierce competition, lots of laughs but very few prizes.