Professional Breakup Artist

Annabelszki’s warming and funny performance allows an insight into the world of her lesbian love life. With her previous tour in 2017, including performances at Women in Comedy Festival, L Fest and Lesbian Lives Conference, this comedic journey will have you laughing along to the energetic host. With her show being taken to London next, it’s a must see if you have time in the capital over the coming few weeks. Annabelszki presents a different take on the lesbian community you may have never been open to before you’re welcomed in to the "Professional Break Up Artist’s" office.

Her mixture of spoken word and verbatim theatre attempts to shock the audience into opening up

The comfortable interactive atmosphere is in position from the start with the breaking down of the fourth wall as she presents an animated presence. Her mixture of spoken word and verbatim theatre attempts to shock the audience into opening up and thinking of their own experience with love, dating, sex and the heartbreak of failed relationship. In an uplifting, relatable comedy you are warmly welcomed to experience an out-ness of lesbian sexuality. This spin on the original position of the poetic verse creates an outrageous contribution to stand-up comedy.

With the quick thinking of Annabelszki , the audience’s interactive ideas take an incorporated and smooth position within the play. This level of improvisation allowed for the audience to again feel comfortable and part of the action occurring on stage as well as her smart use of simple props to express a clear perspective of what the performance was going to entail. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the uplifting feeling Annabelszki brings to the stage will have you wishing you could hear more about the life surrounding the woman in the act. These stories being personal to herself again adds to the feel the comedy presents, without the personal touches the whole appreciation for the Professional Break Up Artist would be lost.

If you wish to pursue your inner breakup artist and listen to the ‘naught treats’ Annabelszki has to offer in this witty, honest, funny expression of self and the reality of the construction we all commonly know as a relationship, this is the show for you.

Reviews by Elly May

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The Blurb

Share the highs, lows, and downright hilarity of the eternal scramble to seek, find, and inevitably lose, the woman of your dreams. Be taken by the hand and gently guided through the ridiculous scenarios that the search for love, Ms Right, or just a good hard... can entail. An authentic narrative, exploring the contemporary minefield of lesbian love, lust, dating, and break-ups. An energetic, comedic and poetic voyage. Brighton-based performance artist Annabelszki delivers a fusion of stand-up, audience interaction, improv, and comedic poetry.