Private Lives

Regarded by many as Noel Coward at his best, this production is Director Tom Attenborough’s valiant attempt at Coward’s classic Private Lives and reignites the tempestuous relationship between former husband and wife Elyot Chase (Tom Chambers) and Amanda Prynne (Laura Rogers) from its first performance in 1930.

This is an indulgently theatrical production of Coward’s Private Lives with meticulous attention paid to period details

Opening with Chase and his new wife Sibyl (Charlotte Ritchie) on the balcony of their honeymoon hotel, it is clear how incompatible they are. Chambers depiction of arrogant and buffoonish Chase stands in stark and humorous contrast to Ritchie’s overbearingly, adorable representation of Sibyl. Similarly, what little Amanda’s new husband Victor (Richard Teverson) knows of his immoral spouse sets the play up for an plenty laughs as it soon transpires that Elyot and Amanda are on their respective honeymoons in the exact same location.

However, the joy that should be held from the audience witnessing the dastardly duo's passionate longing to relive old memories falls short with the provocative dialogue often falling flat. The ease with which the excellent Rogers captivates, with her combination of vulnerability, allure and vulgarity, cannot salvage the flatness that occasionally purveys throughout.

This is an indulgently theatrical production of Coward’s Private Lives with meticulous attention paid to period details, however the cast lack conviction in their roles. Coward’s play is full of charm, warmth and nuances, however whilst there is much to commend this polished production, the superlative decadence has occasional moments of dreariness.

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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The Blurb

A major new production of Noel Coward’s best loved and multi-award winning comedy.

This glittering production of one of the greatest plays of all time, includes Olivier Award nominated TV and stage star TOM CHAMBERS (star of Top Hat the musical and Strictly Come Dancing winner) as the lovable and charming Elyot and Laura Rogers (Tipping the Velvet) as the unconventional and vivacious Amanda. Also starring Charlotte Ritchie (Call the Midwife, Fresh Meat and Siblings) and Richard Teverson (Downton Abbey).