Princes of Main: New Year's Eve

A sketch show based on an end of 2017 new year’s eve party, Princes of Main: New Year’s Eve might miss the mark occasionally, but if you stick with it until the bells, it will ensure you’ll walk out full of new year cheer. 

If you’ve yearned for the year to finish and made some mistakes yourself this is the medicine for your worries.

It’s been a weird year up until now so Princes of Main – consisting of university pals Jamie Fraser, Alex Mackeith and Ben Pope – have decided to draw a line under 2017. The year stops now and it’s time to reflect on our mistakes, affirm our love for those we hold dear and, of course, party. We take a trip down memory lane highlighting some of the best (and worst) parts of the trio’s year –which are significantly more exciting than mine, although I’m not 100% sure I’d like to swap places with any of them just yet…

The humour is the sort of school-boy, silliness you’d expect from three pals fresh out of Uni, and this brings with it some big laughs which are cleverly written and creative. However sometimes, when the silly goes too far, it does tend to leave the audience wondering, “What?”

The three work well together and you can feel the friendship and connection instantly from their first appearance on stage. It makes me feel like these are the kind of guys you’d want at your party so that they can get the party started and conversation flowing, and maybe end up being those guys that accidentally break something before midnight but everyone’s okay with it because – hey – they’re lovable. Instantly likeable and relatable, their chemistry definitely rubs off on the audience. We partake in several NYE traditions to get us in the mood and even get a dash of confetti although I only wish there had been more. Some of the improv throughout the performance give the show an edge on other sketch shows out there and these moments definitely provide some of the biggest laughs of the evening. 

One of the greatest assets of Princes of Main is also one of their weaknesses; the variety in comic personality and style of each individual means the sketches all bring something different to the table, but it also means that there are some quips that miss the mark. These are few however, and the contrast of Ben’s silly and child-like ways with Alex’s seriousness and Jamie’s… somewhat romantic endeavours, makes this the perfect evening for a Generation Y-er, or X-er, or just simply the 20 to 30-somethings who need a good laugh and will appreciate every gag and pun. 

If you’ve yearned for the year to finish and made some mistakes yourself this is the medicine for your worries. The inappropriate, hilarious, and so-stupid-it’s-kind-of-clever chaos makes the show undoubtedly better than any New Year’s party I’ve ever been to and won’t leave you dozing off before the bells. 

Reviews by Sarah Virgo

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The Blurb

2017 has been a bad year – personally, politically and particularly for sketch trio Princes of Main. Join these beautiful nightmares as they reset the clock, starting with Edinburgh’s biggest, baddest, dumbest New Year’s Eve party. Ever. In August. Ever. Expect general raucousness, lieutenant sketches and admiral fun. 'Fresh, crafty sketches full of gags for Generation Y' (TimeOut). 'Utter genius' **** ( 'Very bloody funny' ***** ( London SketchFest 2016 finalists. Brighton Fringe 2015 Pick of the Fringe.