Princes of Main: Cool

Princes of Main return with another sketch show chock-a-block with odd characters, witty one liners and silliness. It’s all tied together on the vague theme of how to be cool and when I say vague I mean almost nonexistent. It doesn’t really matter though; it's a show that lives or dies on its skits.

Their line about Roman numerals might just be the best joke I’ve heard this Fringe

There is a really good mix of long and short sketches and it keeps the pacing fresh. Nothing drags and they know exactly when something has run its course. A sign of good script editing or discipline, both shall serve them well in future productions.

The variety of jokes is commendable and they range from daft to intelligent. Some of the more clever stuff has the habit of going over people's heads but they are always throwaway gags. Their line about Roman numerals might just be the best joke I’ve heard this Fringe.

Not all the sketches follow the same formula either: some are just vehicles for characters, others are high concept. There are a good range of characters within them and though each member sticks to type they all work well within the roles. The best sketches contain the most outrageous characters but they need the more laid-back ones to ensure a good balance is maintained.

The standout sketch revolves around a proposed method of transport, and I assume that it is semi-improvised because only an utter genius or utter idiot would commit the entirety of what is said to paper.

With two solid Fringe shows under their belt the future's looking bright for these lads. I look forward to see what they can bring to us in the coming years

Reviews by James W. Woe

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The Blurb

Returning after their barnstorming 2015 debut, award-nuzzling millennial nightmares Princes of Main present Cool: a lifestyle guide in how to be cool in the 21st century. Guided by their trusty PowerPoint and directed by acclaimed character comedian Lolly Adefope, Cool is a brand new sketch experience, a manic TED Talk delivered by idiots. 'Fresh, crafty gags for Generation Y' (Timeout). 'Very bloody funny' ( 'Immensely entertaining' (Skinny). 'Smart and artfully ramshackle' (List).