Looking at people’s holiday pictures can be a downright dull experience. Little did I expect from the tantalising title that I would be doing the same again whilst watching this show.

Australian Jon Bennett has been travelling around the world taking pictures of various objects, people and historical landmarks and positioning them within the frame of the photograph so that they look like his genitals. Why? It’s never really explained. This rather depressing hour contains Bennett showing his favourite pictures and telling various tales of how these pictures were taken. Admittedly some of the pictures are very funny but looking at someone’s photos is not the most exciting of ventures.

Bennett stands to the left of the stage for the entire hour; he has some charm but his delivery is flat and tedious and he has absolutely no banter with the audience who are keen to be more involved. He also has a tendency to laugh at his own jokes. The whole show reeks of a man grasping on for dear life to his childhood but he looks bored and he even admits embarrassment at taking some of the pictures and hiding his ‘hobby’ from his family. It’s childish toilet humour that might be good for a few clicks on the internet but does not make a good show.

Bennett never fully explains where he got the money to travel the world but it seems a shame that this man has been to some of the most beautiful places in the world to take an immature ‘jock’ photograph. I can’t see this show being much good to anyone over the age of sixteen.

Reviews by Stewart McLaren

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Australian Jon Bennett brings his Just for Laughs, Best Comedy Award nominated show of over 200 pretend c*cks to the Fringe! **** (Edmonton Journal). 'Will have you completely engrossed' (Montreal Mirror).