• Adelaide Fringe

Join OLD JACK, the Aussie Gleeman, for your renewable energy " high voltage, low emissions, clean and efficient, ample storage, no blackouts (we all hope). While you explore with him the right word for the right occasion " give me your word, word for word, word of mouth, a play on words, the tyranny of words, your favourite four-letter word, even the word of god and many more " experience the power of his stories, old and new, from far and wide, in poetry and prose " tales to delight, entertain, enlighten and energize you. For remember always, a word in the head is worth two in the book.Or, as Sir Lancelot might have said "Ive never lost in contest or game, Im simply the best by far,When words are tossed, tis always the same, one verse and au revoir."