Potted Pirates

Despite almost drowning amidst a tidal wave of props, costumes and word-play Dan and Jeff emerge from the blue-briny with a blistering hour of high-ranking kids comedy.

Following on from the sell-out Potted Potter, our able seamen take arms against a sea of pirates. This is kids comedy with verve, vigour and intelligence - both in structure and performance. Dropping anchor at every historical port to bring buckle-swashing figures like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard to life, Dan and Jeff present a giggle-riddled voyage of buccaneering fun.

Following in the traditional double-act format, the dopey comic attempts to scuttle the high-brow schemes of his partner. It opens as a serious lecture but swiftly sinks beneath waves of manical piratical gags, guffs and guffaws. Dan and Jeff have a strong, vibrant and engaging style - complimented with some good panto-participation - and this Jolly Good Ship is worthy of a very long voyage!

The Blurb

Potted Potter's Dan and Jeff pack pirates from Long John Silver to Jack Sparrow into one madcap hour. 'Dan and Jeff hurl themselves into the farce with all their enthusiasm and have everyone roaring with laughter' - ***** (Edinburghguide.com).