Police Cops

In its second year at the fringe, Police Cops is a spoof boys-in-blue parody along the lines of Police Squad. It follows the classic storyline of a young cop following in the footsteps of his older brother (and father) by joining with a retired old-hand to take down a criminal mastermind.

If the egos and insecurities of the cast could be dispensed with, this would be an infinitely more enjoyable show

This show is in many ways extremely well put together. It’s obvious a huge amount of energy has gone into its creation, though it suffers from having been a success last year. Unfortunately the cast are prone to falling into self-congratulation and corpsing at their own jokes. What is worse is it’s the sort of corpsing that might be taken as fake – meant to get the audience to laugh more and in order to reassure each other that they are being funny. This is such a shame as a lot of the time the material is hilarious and incredibly skilfully delivered, but not all of the time. If the egos and insecurities of the cast could be dispensed with, this would be an infinitely more enjoyable show.

The cast are all very gifted comic actors and have come up with some brilliant material; unfortunately this just makes it all the worse when they try to gloss over its faults. If this show was re-workshopped and rehearsed to precision, it could hold an audience completely in its grip and would be a joy. Some of the toilet humour could be dispensed with too – it gets a bit dull after a while, so the well delivered material is great.

It should be mentioned once more that there is some really excellent material here and some beautifully well-crafted comedy moments. I look forward to the show re-finding itself.

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The Blurb

Winner: Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2015. Winner: Brighton Fringe Award 2015. Winner: Vault's People’s Choice Award 2016. Following two sell-out runs at London’s Soho Theatre, The Pretend Men's critically acclaimed, multi award-winning comedy blockbuster Police Cops returns to the Fringe once more for an action-packed hour of adrenaline-fuelled physical comedy, cinematic style and uncompromising facial hair. ***** (Stage).