Some shows at Fringe are reviewed because the artistes or their producer approaches you and requests that you come along to see their show. If one has time and is so inclined, you get along and review accordingly but most often, especially during Fringe, you have to politely decline due to an already full calendar. When I met the cast of ‘Nosfer-arse-tu’, all they had to do was show me a short video of the titular character in their queer, sex-positive, vampire pantomime and I booked a ticket within the hour.

Po Po Mo Co should be your go to vaudevillian queer collective of choice.

If Monty Python were starting out today, they’d be Po Po Mo Co. With elements of clowning, burlesque and slapstick, this is a delightfully silly show. The plot is batty (pun intended), the audience interaction is safe and the sexiness is very much consensual. We are introduced to this tale of frivolous homosexual adventures, scummy villagers, sexually adventurous ladies, and an arse-faced vampire by the spectacular Nurse Regina. She returns regularly to ensure that we’re not too... stimulated by the drama on stage. The cast are having a whale of a time and there’s a huge number of laughs per minute throughout the show. A few mishaps with costume and props are handled with aplomb and only add to the enjoyment of the scene.

If you want your comedy wackier than a Warhol LSD trip with clear and yet never preachy message about the awesomeness of consensual, safe sex then Po Po Mo Co should be your go to vaudevillian queer collective of choice.

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The Blurb

Melbourne’s hottest queer comedy troupe, slathering audiences with intoxicating queer madness. A neo-vaudevillian feast and shamelessly theatrical skewering of sketch, drag, contemporary clown, neo burlesque, eccentric dance, absurd stand up, hyper-characters and cult debauchery. Not to mention butt cheeks, camel toes, nip slips and running mascara from tears of laughter! "They are unicorns... spreading their electrifying energy everywhere they go." - Theatrepeople "Their Andy Warhol-esque counter culture style of influencing opinions is biting... they will influence even the straightest mind." - Australia Times. Nominated for Best Comedy, Melbourne Fringe, 2017 WINNER 'Original New Circus' Melbourne Fringe, 2017 ★★★★½ - Australia Times ★★★★ - Theatrepeople ★★★★ - Pop-Culturey