Pippa Evans: Joy Provision!

This is the show we’ve been waiting for.

It feels like a conversation with your funniest friend over a pint.

Don’t get me wrong, I love politics, but if I have to hear one more Sean Spicer gag this Fringe I will be forced to rip out my own spleen. What Pippa Evans’ proves in this romp of a show is that we can still be topical without being tedious. In one hour Evans will turn your frown, etched so deep into your forehead from the last year of “But, WHY?!”, upside-freaking-down. You will leave with your full complement of joy, I guarantee it.

So what magic ingredients has Evan’s thrown into the pot to make such a charming show? She is wonderfully physically expressive and has a great rhythm to her voice, fast enough to be excitable without being rabid. Everything she says is sort of tossed out in a casual way, only for you to catch it a second or two later and start giggling. She bats out a host of cracking one-liners. And then the songs, the songs! Of course, anyone familiar with Pippa Evan’s from Showstopper! will know she can bash out a comic number but she does it with such aplomb and her band (keys and percussion) are simply marvelous. The songs speak to you because a) they’re true and b) they’re damn catchy. We get a few take-aways as well. I certainly will be singing myself to sleep with her parody of Pharrell’s Happy. And now we know what to do if we’re ever caught on a sofa with Piers Morgan…

For every joke she makes about Rupert Murdoch or the state of political affairs we get too about winking or British 90s rock. It’s nostalgic and relatable. Something your gran and your child would enjoy. Her audience patter is cheeky and charming and she creates a real bond in the room. It feels like a conversation with your funniest friend over a pint, Pippa allowing you to laugh all your sorrows down the drain.

Reviews by Millie Bayswater

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The Blurb

What is going on? America is being run by a stroppy, orange teenager, new wars are starting every day and now the courgettes are running out. All's not lost though. Olivier (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical) and Chortle Award winner Pippa returns with a new show less about how love will tear us apart and more about how the little things might keep us together. Have your joy levels optimised by the known pleasures of ‘a comic genius’ (Telegraph) and Radio 4 regular. As seen on Drunk History (Comedy Central) and Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Dave).