This gal can play the piano. With every part of her body. Switching tunes at the drop of a feather boa, Amy Abler blasts her way through a frenetic programme of jazz, rock and classical piano all the while charming the audience with her happy humour and slinky piano technique. She describes herself as ‘Beethoven burlesque,’ but this doesn’t quite capture the huge range of her show - ‘Pianodivalicious’ seems like our best option!I was lucky enough to be sitting next to a rather surly teenager in a tracksuit who seemed determined to punish his parents for bringing him by scowling as much as possible. Not an effective tactic, need I add. Once he realised the burlesque part of the evening didn’t actually mean stripping, he relaxed and I definitely caught him smiling once or twice; by the end of the performance he was enjoying himself enough to chastise me for not clapping hard enough and pushed his way ahead of me in the queue to buy the CD. A victory for Amy Abler, I think - parents everywhere take note.A lot of Amy’s numbers are on the frantic side of things; a highlight was the fastest Moonlight Sonata I’ve ever heard without the aid of a computer recording. I’d have liked to hear a few more slower numbers though, something soulful and sexy to balance out the hyperactive set. Although not quite as virtuosic as a concert pianist, whether Abler is playing along with a Fats Wallah record or improvising a spaghetti Western based on Rachmaninoff (Paganini Var. 21 - I was quite proud I knew the number!), her music is a treat for piano aficionados and general music lovers alike.

Reviews by James T. Harding

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Internationally acclaimed pianist Amy Abler plays it all. From Beethoven to Broadway and ragtime to rock'n'roll, she will win your heart and soul. Amy will tickle all your favorite ivories... and fancies. Vivacious virtuoso! Sensational! www.pianodivalicious.com