Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan is a familiar one for many and The Talentz present a lovely retelling of the classic tale. The youth theatre group’s show is a well-oiled and rehearsed performance that is beyond their years. They are accompanied by a capable and adept band, led by Jack Bennett, who guides us through the musical seamlessly.

What better way to start your family day out at the Fringe, than a trip to Neverland? I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!

The setting is simplistic with attempts to use projection on a cyclorama to display each scene’s setting, but this detail is unfortunately lost due to brightness issues. However, we are encouraged to use our imagination. Props are cleverly presented with creative direction by Debbie King, using fabric to give us a sense of place. The flying scene had an especially effective use of shadow work to display the London skyline as the children flew over, guided by Peter Pan.

At times, the chorus lack some conviction in their voices in the ensemble numbers, which is not due to a lack of talent but perhaps an unfortunate lack of confidence. This sometimes results in a slight drop in the energy of the piece but is quickly recaptured. There were also a few issues with projection as it was not always possible to hear their voices above the band. However, when the chorus were all together, there was determined and smooth harmony created onstage. The cast proved their professionalism as they endured the interruption of a crying baby in the audience without so much as a flinch.

There were strong performances and vocals from Peter (Nathan Whale) and Wendy (Bryony Sheeres) but it was the charismatic Joey Zerpa-Falcon as Captain Hook and Mr Darling who stole the show with a stage presence that is a league above his peers and a classic voice full of a bravado that makes him seem appropriately much older as the character of Hook. Zerpa-Falcon presents the two characters with an amusing but rather over-dramatic flamboyance as they lament their respective woes.

What better way to start your family day out at the Fringe, than a trip to Neverland? I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!

Reviews by Katie Daniel

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Sprinkle some pixie dust on your morning and let us whisk you away 'just beyond the stars' in Stiles and Drewe's new musical retelling of JM Barrie's timeless classic. Returning to the Fringe after last year's sell-out run of Elf, join our sensational young cast as they take flight to Neverland on a swashbuckling adventure like no other. Featuring one of the strongest youth casts from across the south east, backed by a magical live band, this show is sure to leave you hooked! So don't delay, book your tickets today... the croc's ticking!