Peter Pan

Porty Youth Theatre have taken on a classic tale, and have done it very well indeed. For such a young cast they are enthusiastic, well rehearsed and look like they're having great fun. They stick close to the text of the original and it was a good show for families and kids of all ages.

For such a young cast they are enthusiastic, well rehearsed and look like they're having great fun.

The lost boys are mischievous and chaotic just as they should be, and the pirates are comical with just the right amount of naughty. The darling children are played very well, and the tense friendship that forms between Peter Pan, played by James Gilhooly, and Wendy, played by Megan Collins, is nicely conveyed. The mischievous and cheeky Tinker Bell, played by Hannah Low, was a favourite with the children in the audience. She gives the part attitude; her dislike of Wendy and fondness of Peter are portrayed effectively. One thing that I would say is that the cast had a slight tendency to talk quietly or too fast. Also, although the seating was tiered, they neglected to look up at their audience.

There is very nice use of a projection screen above the stage. It is used to indicate a change of scene, such as during the transition from the Darlings' household to Neverland. Additionally I thought that the use of this screen and prerecorded videos in order to create the illusion that the characters were flying above the crowd was very clever. The other relatively basic but effective scenery conveyed well the changing of scenes, such as upon the pirate ship. Whilst the music played was also nice, it did drown the actors out a little.

The costumes are fantastic- in particular Tinker Bell and Peter's. The children in the audience were very gleeful at the sight of Nana the Dog, who wore a full dog costume. The ticking crocodile costume was fun too.

One scene that I particularly enjoyed was the fight upon the pirate ship. The use of freeze frames and choreographed sword fights was a great way to avoid a chaotic jumble. It was neat and slick.

The entire cast and team of this lovely play should all be very proud of themselves and I look forward to seeing the next production from these budding actors. 

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

A classic tale retold with spectacular visuals to keep the whole family entertained. With pirates, fairies, mermaids, the lost boys and the mighty villainous Captain Hook, there’s something for everyone. A great show for kids with sword fighting, magical fairy dust, and a journey to the land where little boys never have to grow up. PYT is everybody’s favourite youth theatre group with consistent four star reviews, and sell-out performances. If you’re looking for a fantastical escape from the hustle and bustle of the Fringe; Peter Pan will deliver happy thoughts. 'Excited for their theatrical futures' (ThreeWeeks).