Peter Pan

Another day and it’s another giant of children's literature here at The Fringe. And if proof were needed of its popularity then the queue around the block to see Flying High Theatre Company's production of Peter Pan was testament to the pulling power of the classics.

This vibrant re-telling of J.M. Barrie's timeless tale includes all of the essential elements of the original story: the Lost Boys; Wendy, John and Michael; Tiger Lily; the mermaids; Tinkerbell; Captain Hook and of course the magnificently arrogant and utterly self-centred Peter. This is not the Disney-fied version the story, rather a faithful and cleverly staged re-interpretation.

Peter is back in Neverland with the Lost Boys and missing Wendy very much. To cheer one another up they spend their time reenacting scenes of their greatest triumphs over Captain Hook and his band of pirates as well as comforting each other with tales of the motherly love and care that Wendy gives them. Eventually, Peter and the boys must make the decision whether to stay or join Wendy's family in London and grow up.

The realisation of each scene was imaginatively done on a simplistic set and the many transitions from location to location were achieved through clever stagecraft and inventive choreography; from mermaid lagoon, Hook's pirate ship, Tiger Lily's camp to the Lost Boys' lair in the blink of an eye, each scene more magical and enchanting than the last.

The production benefits from a huge cast that populated the stage with a verve and energy that transmits itself to the audience. Credit must also go to the company for the pre and post-show, in-character interaction with the audience, ensuring the children were suitably star struck before they went in and remained so as they left.

This company do full justice to Barrie's writing and don't shy away from the original message that 'all good things must come to an end': the Lost Boys go to London to be adopted by the Darling family and only Peter, the boy who never grew up, returns to Neverland.

Impeccably imagined and enchantingly executed, a magical journey to Neverland for any age.

Reviews by Lauren Humphreys

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Peter returns from London to the Lost Children who recount his adventures in Neverland. Will he stay or join Wendy's family and grow up? This ensemble storytelling play with music and songs will delight children and families.