Peter Antoniou - Happy Medium

Peter Antoniou is a small guy in a small venue with a big mind blowing show. I would say book to go and see him but he already knows you are going, knows that you will be running late and what colour underwear you will be wearing.

Happy medium? It's so much better than that. Happy audience. Brilliant medium.

There are only 20 people in the small Sweet studio at the Apex International but everyone is thinking of questions to catch Antoniou out. We have been given a number to stick on our tops and a piece of card to write our name, a question you have always wanted to ask a psychic and an interesting fact about yourself. These are then all put in a bowl on the stage. The premise of the show is somewhat similar to early Derren Brown; Antoniou rolls a 24 sided dice to randomly choose a member of the audience and proceeds to astonish us by answering all of our questions correctly - with extra facts about us thrown in for good measure. How did he know I used to live in Wandsworth? How? How? How?

Usually in a show involving so much audience participation people are looking at their feet and shuffling nervously. In this show everyone is internally screaming ‘pick me! pick me!’. Everyone wants to see if they can beat Antoniou at his game and also wants to be amazed and astonished. There were a lot of dropped jaws.

Antoniou is likeable and amusing and everyone has bought in to the act. He's funny and entertaining. However he is bamboozling us it's bloody good and we fell for it.

Happy medium? It's so much better than that. Happy audience. Brilliant medium.

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The Blurb

Award-winning stand-up comedian and mind reader, Peter Antoniou, brings his unique skill set to peer inside your head, fondle your frontal lobe and tickle your funny bone. Do you have a question about life or the universe? Simply think of your question and Peter will peer inside your head and provide an answer. Funny and amazing, this is unlike anything else you'll have seen. Is your mind safe? ***** ( ‘Phenon-mentally good’ (Kerrang!). ‘Should be put on a pedestal above his competitors’ ( ‘I’m still mystified… Mind boggling’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Tall, dark and charming' (Skinny).