Perfectly Imperfect Women
  • By Lynn Rusk
  • |
  • 7th Aug 2017
  • |
  • ★★★★★

‘Who thinks they are perfect?’ Is the question Danyah Miller poses to the audience at the onset of the performance. This question of perfection versus imperfection forms the basis of this emotional, tender and heart-warming show brought to us by Wizard Presents. The audience instantly warmed to the performer Danyah Miller as she was so welcoming, relaxed and had such a calming effect on everyone, even before the show commenced. She is like the lecturer or teacher that you would love to have had, a real role model and maternal figure, which is funny as it turns out she is in fact a Course Leader at The International School of Storytelling in East Sussex. This show is a self-help session, looking at the complex relationship between mothers and their daughters and the pressure society puts on us all to be perfect.

A very honest and moving show that came straight from the heart

Danyah starts the show by asking the audience a number of questions, not singling anyone out she sticks to yes or no answers where people can agree or disagree by simply standing up or staying seated. This gentle approach is maintained throughout the performance. She uses engaging storytelling methods to tell us about a queen who longed to have a perfect daughter to continue on her reign. However, instead she gives birth to a puny son and a plump daughter who is later cursed and becomes covered with dragon scales. Danyah makes effective use of Russian dolls to tell her story.

Danyah gives a tender and emotional account of her childhood and then goes back to examine the relationship between her own mother and grandmother, exploring the different patterns of parenting throughout the generations. It was touching how generous Danyah was with the audience in how she really opened up and shared a very personal account of her life.

To say the least I was in tears by the end as it was a very honest and moving show that came straight from the heart. This show is a lovely event for mothers and daughters to attend together. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for its genre it really hits the nail on the head - it is storytelling at its finest.

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The Blurb

What makes us want to be perfect? What is so bad about imperfection anyway? In this universal story, multi award-winning storyteller Danyah Miller explores what drives us to want to live perfect lives. This is one woman's search for a richer understanding of her concept of perfection and what it means to accept imperfection in order to connect more deeply to her female line. The show examines the often complex relationship between mothers and daughters and the challenge of discovering you may have more in common with your female ancestors than you care to admit.