Perfectly Goddamned Delightful

Peter Strong and Dan Fardell share an hour set at The Newsroom, titled Perfectly Goddamned Delightful after a Charles Crumb quotation, as Strong explains in his three minute Broadway Baby interview. They each take half an hour, with no interchanges between the two, for some simple standup comedy.

There is strength in some of the material, but there is still a long way to go before this show creates any fireworks at the festival.

Peter Strong begins with his mixture of standup and poetry. It was nice to see the variety and his poems covered a whole range of topics. The most effective was his poem about visiting a doctor at 3am in a park. Though the poems were a good addition, not all of them fizzled with the same humour. Similarly there were some clever stand up pieces, yet the whole set could have done with some filtering. His pessimistic nature makes Strong a difficult character to warm to and therefore his material needs to be consistently funny as his persona cannot carry the weaker sections. As a result huge sections seemed to fall flat and improvement was needed for the set not to drag.

Dan Fardell was the stronger of the two. His self-deprecation meant I was far more receptive to his material. He is perfectly self-aware, including gags about his weight, his relationship issues and his day-job. He began by delivering a few one-liners, which he could have returned to when the momentum was flagging to provide a fresher approach. However his delivery was usually spot-on and his material was well thought out and broached on topics on which most can identify with.

The two are different in their styles of comedy and so there is a contrast to be seen. Perhaps with a packed audience and a loud reception this would have been more successful, but with such a negative first set it is difficult to create any raucous atmosphere at all. There is strength in some of the material, but there is still a long way to go before this show creates any fireworks at the festival. 

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

Two men. Many problems. Many, many jokes. Join comic/poet Peter Strong: ‘cathartically funny’ (, ‘warped charm’ (Argus); and gag-merchant Dan Fardell: ‘has so many lines that make me think “I wish I'd thought of that”’ (Romesh Ranganathan), ‘an entire set of beautifully crafted individual gems’ (Adam Bloom); for the show that called ‘a confident, gag-packed show that delivers solid laughs’. The surprise comedy hit of the Brighton Fringe comes to Edinburgh for a laugh and a nose around.