This is one for all the lads who have ever had girlfriends problems, all the lassies who have had to put up with boyfriends, and anyone who likes tea. Asa Nisi Masa was formed by a group of E15 graduates and is particularly interested in raising questions on what is expected of a man in today's society, how is he perceived, and the nature of masculinity. The company poses questions on issues affecting both men and women through humour and skewed perspectives.

Enchanting, thought-provoking, relaxing, and disturbing… it even comes with cup of mint tea.

Pennyroyal is a self-penned, one man show concerning the break-up between a couple called James and Laura. The nature of this break-up forms the substance of the show. To tell more would be to spoil the show, but the show raises a ranges of issues and has at least one shocking surprise, which I did not see coming (hold on to your seats). The comedy is light, mostly about everyday things in a relationship, but there are also contrasting moments of dark humour, sadness, and tragedy.

Eamonn Hearns relates this story and pours the aforementioned tea. Hearns is from Wicklow, Ireland and therein lies part of the success of this performance, for who wouldn’t want to sit for an hour and listen to the lilting tones of an Irish storyteller, whatever he was talking about? Add the height, piercing blue eyes, and smile and you have an instant recipe for success. But man shall not live on looks alone--Eamonn has a casual, softly spoken style that makes for easy listening; though at times it’s maybe a little too casual when his text demands more passion. With all these endearing qualities and skills, he draws his audience into his tale of times both good and bad.

This is a thoroughly good hour. Enchanting, thought-provoking, relaxing, and disturbing… it even comes with cup of mint tea.

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The Blurb

James and Laura broke up. Not uncommon after going through something like that. Pennyroyal is a darkly comic one man show about relationships, mistakes and what it is to be a man. James is recently single and nearly thirty. Join him as he searches Dublin streets for meaning in the empty nights of dating and distracting booze. 'Illuminating and exhilarating. Refreshingly candid and beautifully written' (Irish Theatre Magazine).