Pekka and Strangebone's Comedy Showpiece

WTF?: An acronym that perfectly sums up this completely bonkers comedic showcase. An imaginary talent agency showcases some of the ‘talents’ on their books for a bemused audience. It’s an admittedly weak link for some truly grotesque but downright hilarious comedy as three actors perform various characters including a depressed comedian, a wacky scientist, a boisterous strong man and an underperforming pig.

This is definitely a love it or hate it comedy. It’s a cross between League of Gentlemen and South Park but perhaps even darker and stranger. By not having the comfort of sitting in our own front rooms, it’s a bit unsettling that these bizarre creations like to come out and mix with the audience.This is uncomfortable comedy at its finest; it’s almost as if the audience is too scared to laugh because of the nightmarish characters that are being performed. It’s an edgy comedy that deserves to be commended for challenging the boundaries and creating an unforgettable experience - whether you enjoy it or not. The comedy is very much rooted in absurd theatre and clowning. I found the entire show downright hilarious and had tears running down my cheeks at various points throughout but I will point out this is very much an acquired taste. It may be too ‘out there’ for some, but for those who enjoy their comedy a little more twisted, this is a must-see.

Reviews by Stewart McLaren

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Dark and chaotic character comedy from the stars of Britain's most fictitious talent agency. 'Brilliant, inventive, far, far beyond silly with riotous audience interplay, one to watch' (