Paul Kerensa: Back to the Futon Pt2: Dude, Where's My Hoverboard?
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Great Scott! 2015, still no hoverboards... Since 2006s BTTF-themed very funny, very clever, excellent Edinburgh show (, dazzlingly funny (Spectator) Kerensa's become a dad, author and British Comedy Award winner (co-writer BBC One's Miranda, Not Going Out). Hes back: asking if iPads beat hoverboards, whether you can heckle yourself via DeLorean...and you, audience member, are his density. (You needn't have seen Paul's previous show. It helps if youve heard of Back to the Future). Make like a tree, and see it. **** ( Ingenious (Evening Standard). 1.21 jigawatts o'fun!