Equipped with his electro-acoustic guitar, Paul Gilbody promises for a magical evening of hearty tunes and ripping beats to drive home a funky Fringe show full of imagination. Accompanying Gilbody is his talented backing band, comprised of Andy Farquhar on drums, Jules Philip on vocals, John Need on bass and Mat Clements on percussion, who brings to the stage a plethora of instruments that include maracas, triangle, tambourine and table drums.

To compare Gilbody to contemporary artists, his music sounds like a hybrid of Jack Johnson, Travis and Ryan Adams. His genre can loosely be classified as alternative rock/folk that divulges into jazz and funk. The lyrics feel genuine and heartfelt, with a rustic charm to them. Gilbody also makes great use of different pedals, with his wah-wah and phaser creating great atmosphere. He creates a real ‘feel good’ mood for the crowd, and I couldn’t help but groove along with him.

A funky, funny and friendly musician, Paul Gilbody is dynamic whilst graceful in his performance. He does not feel the need to bore everyone with long, drawn out anecdotes. Rather he gives shorthand information about his songs that is interesting without sounding self-indulgent. Some notable songs include ‘Let’s Go’, a Jimi Hendrix inspired piece, ‘Naked in the Sea’, a funny song about a trip to a nudist beach, and ‘She Likes Sushi’, a jaunty little tune that makes use of good power chords. Other strong points of the night include the introductory song that is done purely by vocal looping, and the beatbox/ tambourine improv battle. I thoroughly enjoyed this act and I strongly recommend Gilbody for all who enjoy alternative rock and funk. I would also like to congratulate Paul on his recent engagement to his fiancé Sarah – I wish them the best of luck!

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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From pin-drop delicacy to acoustic grooves that leave you smiling ... a John Martyn / Jamiroquai cross-breed. This renowned singer/songwriter's quartet present songs of love and seafood from his debut album. '...an excellent performer ... compelling' **** (BroadwayBaby.com). www.paulgilbody.com