Patrick Monahan – The Disco Years

Patrick Monahan likes to boogie. His show opens with an offstage request that the members of the audience born before 1980 stand, and everyone else just stay sitting. Then Ottawan’s D.I.S.C.O. is blasted, and everyone standing, because they know disco – because they’ve actually lived through the disco era – is bade to dance. Monahan boogies on in enthusiastically, dressed appropriately in a loud, barely buttoned shirt, white pants and a clunky gold-coloured necklace spelling ‘DISCO’. He proceeds to work his way through the crowd, throwing some impressive shapes and encouraging his audience to do the same, picking up the odd dance partner en route. It’s a brilliant start, throughout the crowds the younger, seated, members of the audience cringe with embarrassed delight, surprised perhaps at the moves their parents are making. It’s a treat to watch, and looked to be a lot of fun to take part in.

Monahan’s enthusiasm throughout the show is contagious.

Monahan’s core material has a very personal basis, as he discusses how his parents first got together in Iran, the place of his birth, and tales from his childhood in Middlesbrough. These stories are honest, charming, and often hilariously recalled. There are some more serious moments mixed into the fun, but they are beautifully worked into the performance, proving to make Monahan’s comedy notably genuine. Discussion about his mother is especially wonderful.

Throughout the performance anyone born post-1980 is called a child, serving to make the entire room feel younger. Monahan’s enthusiasm throughout the show is contagious, his commitment to his dancing is admirable. His moves are genuinely impressive, and his willingness to showcase them confidently gives encouragement to everyone else, especially those called up to demonstrate various dancing styles, or dance alongside him to recapture the moment his parents met in a club.

The show ends with disco boogie that everyone, even the ‘children’, can join in with. This is a well put together show, and Patrick Monahan is a great comic.

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The Blurb

The Festival's family favourite funny man and occasional disco dancer returns with a brand new stand-up show! ‘A definite must-see!’ **** (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine). ‘Monahan possesses the rare ability to be hilarious without being outrageous’ ***** (ThreeWeeks). ‘There isn't a comic quite like him and his hugs alone are worth the price of admission’ ***** ( ‘I had sore cheeks from laughing by the time l left. The hour was sadly over far too quickly’ ***** ( ‘The same mix of control and on stage charisma as a young Alan Davies’ **** (Herald).