Patrick Kielty: Help

Television personality, Patrick Kielty, attempts to revive his stand up career in what is billed as a fresh hour of comedy. Ominously, he admits three minutes in that ‘there is no show because he is happy’. He’s rich, he’s a household name, he’s married to Kat Deeley and so he sets out to prove the apparent inverse relationship between a comedian’s happiness and how funny they are.

This is not the edgy comedy with which Kielty made his name in the 90s.

Most of the material is surprisingly impersonal, pull back and reveal stuff. We have Irish stereotypes and pops at Scottish nationalism, ‘People’s Republic of Sturgeon’ and ‘How is that oil price working out for you by the way?’ Then there’s the recurring routine on, would you believe, the Irish fixation with potatoes. The differences in customer service between Northern Ireland and the US are given an airing before we’re reminded that folk in his second home in Los Angeles enjoy therapy… Irish people are ugly and talk too much… more stuff about potatoes… and a ‘topical’ section on Oscar Pistorious.

Admittedly he did tell a much more personal story about how he met with his future wife, but it petered out in to an unremarkable celebrity anecdote. There was a promising moment when he started to talk about religion “We got married in a Roman Catholic Church in Rome. I don’t even believe in God.” but then came another celebrity anecdote and something about keeping the wedding out of the papers. Moments later he exclaimed, “I’m an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. I don’t believe in the Royal Family.” and my ears pricked up, only for Kielty to move on to something safer straight away. This is not the edgy comedy with which Kielty made his name in the 90s.

Easily the best thing about the show came towards the end. Audience members were asked to submit advice to Kielty on how to stay happy in the future. “Do pass on Kat’s phone number to me if it doesn’t work out for you.” Got the biggest laugh of the night. 

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Patrick Kielty: Help



The Blurb

Patrick Kielty returns to his stand up roots with a brand new show. But he can’t do it on his own – he needs your help. Join the former psychology graduate and star of Live At The Apollo, Dave’s One Night Stand and host of the BBC New Comedy Awards as he attempts to write his new rulebook for love, life and happiness. Bring him your lovers, your advice and a crayon. He promises to do the rest. ‘TV hasn't tamed this man – he is still one of the funniest comedians you will ever see’ (