Party Piece

Though this show is featured in the theatre section of the fringe guide, it is actually a fusion of theatre, stand-up comedy and physical theatre. It’s a real cross section and while it does have moments which work wonderfully, the piece is still too muddled a picture to be successful.

The premise of the story revolves around four friends, three boys and one girl as they enjoy one massive house party, binging on alcohol and drugs as their rite of passage towards adulthood. Each character is given a short stand up comedy sketch in order to get across their backstory and why they happen to be in the flat. At the end of these sketches there comes explosive moments of wonderful physical theatre as the four very talented actors show off their ability to physically retell the stand up routine just given. This continues on for the bulk of the play until the finale comes into view; it is this finale which really strikes home. The realisation that we all grow up and want to make the best of ourselves and the world around is wonderfully and emotionally told by this very talented company.

However, what drags the show down is the disjointed nature of the production. There isn't any real direction up until the last ten minutes and sometimes the swearing can feel gratuitous. The production is, by its design, created by young people for young people as a type of generational artistic experiment - if we were to take to heart the messages it holds, then we have a very screwed up generation to look forward too.

It’s not all bad, as the physical sections actually stand up amazingly well on their own and prove that the company are incredibly talented and have a gift for their art form. The end section of the show really moves the audience as there were many in the audience in tears due to their connection with the story.

An element of experimentation is what the Fringe is all about and this company certainly do that in spades, so it’s worth checking out Bedlam theatre for a late night physical theatre feast.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Four good friends. One last party. One last chance to get more f*cked than the time before. A dangerous, funny, tragic, and honest look beneath the surface as they realise it’s time to get out and grow up.