Paris de Nuit

The exceptional extravaganza that is Paris de Nuit is taking the Fringe by storm this summer and rightly so. With a touch of showmanship, a dash of sensuality and a gallon of talent, these performers leave you rapt and yearning for more.

Recirquel Company Budapest have clearly discovered the formula for an extraordinary show.

On entering we are greeted by a live band and smoky atmosphere and, as the show starts, the smooth voice of our MC, clad in sequins, soars as she flirts with both audience and her artists. From that point on we are sucked into the dark clubs of Paris with the artists executing a number of circus skills with passion and seduction that leave you wanting more. We are treated to juggling, clowning and acrobatics but the personality behind these skills make these performance exceptional.

Each act is seamless in their performance and they appear entirely at ease with movements such as the splits appearing as natural as waving. Highlights include the clowns whose acrobatic talent compliment their Punch and Judy-esque gag as they chase each other around and swinging from a rope. The elegance with which other performers execute their feats is undeniable particularly the trapeze artists as they interact with intense intimacy that is mesmerising to behold – especially when one performs in six-inch heels.

The transitions are faultless, whether the band is playing during a blackout as the stage is reset, or a performer is tantalising the front row as she requests their help in eating sweets off her knee... or derrière. The sexy costumes and the ‘come hither’ looks to the audience make sure you can never stop staring – not that you would want to as they perform gravity defying tasks.

The performers are entrancing and their skills unforgettable. From start to finish, this is a thrilling show that demands to be seen and truly deserves to be. Recirquel Company Budapest have clearly discovered the formula for an extraordinary show.

Reviews by Caitlin Powell

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The Blurb

Stunning circus artists, dancers and musicians bring the decadent and lovable Paris of the 1930s to life, filled with its desires and beauty. An evening of lust, love and loneliness. Inspired by the voluptuous images of Hungarian photographer Brassaï, Recirquel Company Budapest introduces the secret Parisian nights you have always wanted to know. Seated at tables around the stage, enjoy the intimate closeness of breathtaking circus right above you! Roaring variety, smoky live jazz and cheeky interactions are offered to the Edinburgh audience. The quintessence of an unforgettable night!