Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.

In Worst. German. Ever., Paco Erhard delivers an hour of stand up that proves both incredibly energetically and somehow mystically laid back, keeping the audience captivated and familiar. With fresh and clever observations surrounding identity as an individual and as a community, this a great way to spend an evening at the Fringe.

Erhard proves not only to be a comedian to look out for once this year, but one that may yet prove to be addictive.

Erhard’s show follows his view as someone who feels like an outsider from all social communities, and has decided to be content about this. Unlike what the title of this show and the material from Erhard’s previous show 5-Step Guide to Being German would suggest, Erhard’s not entirely focused on the idea of his being German, though there are a lot of punctuality and efficiency jokes thrown in there for good measure. Instead, Erhard talks very broadly and accessibly about the concept of race, capitalism, religion and the way communities carry on in everyday life.

There is no pretension in these musings, though. Erhard’s very direct turn of phrase makes the inner workings of mainstream consumerism seem like typical pub chat. There is an unassuming philosophy tucked away in plain and simple observation, as well as a good story or two mixed in to give an extra personal edge.

What is the real beauty of Erhard’s show is that he is clearly aware of what is working with his audience. Moving through material as he pleases and throwing out great improvisation as he battles with the late going construction works at the Cowgatehead venue (and wins), Erhard feels what is working and carries it through. Audiences are catered for and catered for well.

By the end of the hour, Erhard gave a slight sigh as he realised that things were going to have to wrap up: ‘But I have so much more to tell you!’ His conclusion is to tell it in another show. And with that, Erhard proves not only to be a comedian to look out for once this year, but one that may yet prove to be addictive.

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Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.

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The Blurb

Hard-hitting German comedian Paco Erhard returns with his edgiest, most personal show yet. No holds barred and hilarious, Worst. German. Ever is a show about travels, sex, drugs, mistakes, adventures, tears and just how crap he is at being German. ‘Politically incorrect ... a mixture of Jim Jeffries and Bill Hicks ... observational comedy and satire at its finest’ ***** (ThreeWeeks). ‘Waves of comedy gold ... downright hilarious’ ***** ( ‘Hysterical ... endless original jokes’ ***** ( Fringe World Best Comedy Award nominee 2013.