Out of the Blue

For the last ten years, Out Of The Blue has been entertaining Edinburgh crowds with great success. Their awkward dance moves, silly interactions and sincere audience banter have given them quite the reputation - a clean cut show appropriate for all ages. As they're students at Oxford, the members are always changing as singers graduate and move on. This means you probably won’t be seeing very many of the same people from year to year. Unfortunately, it also means that some groups blend better than others.

It's hard to say that I didn't enjoy the performance but I had trouble getting past a few major issues. With fourteen men on stage, it's extremely important for the vocal mix to be impeccable - and it wasn't. They had two microphones, one for the person beatboxing, or vocal percussionist, and another set up at the front for the person singing lead. As a result, the lead could barely be heard over the other thirteen men.

These guys are clearly here to please. They certainly want their audience to have a good time: that's why they do an array of songs from pop to ballad so everyone feels included. The upbeat songs were by far a superior choice, since they sounded so much better and had adorable and goofy choreography. The slower ones were more obviously flawed as the singers struggled to find their notes and solidify their sound. While they are funny and charming, I really wish they could have worked a little more on their tuning.


The Blurb

Oxford's all-male, all-vocal sensation and stars of Britain's Got Talent return with their unique blend of dazzling harmonies, comical choreography and boyish charm. ‘Thank God for you’ (Simon Cowell). ‘An absolutely unforgettable musical experience’ (ThreeWeeks).