Oskar's Amazing Adventure
  • Brighton Fringe

An original, heartwarming play for young children and their families " full of good humour, adventure, music and song.Fun-loving little Swiss puppy Oskar has been snowbound in the little house on top of the mountain for weeks. Desperate for a game, he goes out into the forest to find a friendly animal to play with. But the animals Oskar meets are not at all friendly and Oskar only avoids the attentions of a hungry fox when he falls down a deep hole in the ground and lands on top of a young hibernating marmot. The marmot forgives Oskar for waking her up and using her amazing digging and whistling skills helps the puppy escape the fox and reunites him with his family. The two become friends and Oskar has had such fun escaping the fox that he wants to play more, but has to wait for spring and Marmot to finish her long Winter's sleep, before they can meet again.