Animikii Theatre’s Origins is an intriguing piece of physical theatre that isn’t afraid to be subtle with it’s plot. Had I gone into the venue unaware of the themes of the piece, I suspect that I may have come away with my own, very different interpretation of what the performance was about. This ability to interpret the work your own way is one of the beautiful things about physical theatre and, at the same time, a weakness of the show.

If you’re an aficionado of physical theatre then Origins is well worth checking out

In the darkened Zoo Aviary, we encounter Cain, the firstborn son of Adam who, after murdering his brother Abel, is wandering the wilderness alone. Using a simple music soundtrack augmented by the sounds of breath and vocalisations from the two-person cast, Origins attempts to portray Cain retracing his steps back to Eden and the moments that lead to the first murder and his exile.

Origins is a fine example of Animikii’s in-house style of multiple movement choreography of physical theatre that incorporates acrobatics and combat. The subtle lighting design creates a sombre and intimate mood and the heightened sound of bodies in movement is intense and immersive. The two men writhe, flip, wrestle, hug and fight creating a piece which is intriguing and, as I said, very open to interpretation. At times, they seem like siblings, at others, they are lovers and then, inevitably, they are enemies. The timeline is fluid and has a dreamlike sense that fits with the ravings of a repentant man wandering in the wilderness, cut off from his God.

If you’re an aficionado of physical theatre then Origins is well worth checking out; as an example of the genre, it’s a strong showing and if you’re not so sure, you’ll definitely see a piece that will intrigue and challenge your preconceptions of the art form.

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The Blurb

The untold story of the world's first murderer. After murdering his brother in cold blood, we meet Cain, living out his life exiled from his homeland. Afflicted by his memories and haunted by figures of the past, Cain must now retrace his steps back to Eden in pursuit of answers. Origins is a psychological thriller that plunges deep into the heart of darkness, where movement, sound and rhythm fuse to create a physically pulsating stage adventure. Journey into the landscapes of dream and reality, and confront life's primeval questions of faith, death and immortality.