One for My Baby

Frank Sinatra is one of those rare artists that is universally loved and respected by all. His vast discography overshadows his mysterious personal life. Not much is known about his marriage with Ava Gardner. This has given way for the Now You Know Theatre Company to produce an incredibly exciting play and moving tribute.

This classy production sheds new light on a figure who always seemed so relaxed publicly.

One for My Baby gives a fresh and original perspective on the life of Frank Sinatra and how the grand life of showbiz can lead to its tragic consequences on his personal life. Anthony Orme’s direction ensures clarity between scenes set in the present and past. His engaging script is brought to life brilliantly through intimate lighting and a lack of scenery, allowing the darkness of each character to be exposed and brought out further.

Matt Concannon’s portrayal of Ol’ Blue Eyes is brutally honest and never loses energy. His continuous growth of overwhelming emotion is engaging throughout, making him one to watch for the future. Holly Sumpton (as Ava Gardner) brings with her a fiery energy to this production, showcasing impeccable vocal clarity and a sharp intensity with her facial expressions. Ryan Heenan also does a stellar job performing as four separate characters and creating clear-cut unique personalities for each one of them without losing any enthusiasm throughout the performance.

This classy production sheds new light on a figure who always seemed so relaxed publicly. I’ve come away listening to Sinatra’s music with intrigue and a greater level of understanding to his storytelling. For that, the Now You Know Theatre Company should be highly praised. 

Reviews by Dan Parker

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The Blurb

One For My Baby is an exciting original play, backed by live jazz music, telling of the passionately wild marriage of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. This play doesn't show the glitz and glamour of the man, but portrays the sad and chaotic private life of fame, and that behind those Ol' Blue Eyes lived the real Sinatra. Written and directed by drama school graduate Anthony Orme and starring a full Royal Central School of Speech and Drama cast.