Oliver Dean and His Fantastic Ego! Live

In this supposedly fifty-minute show, the audience were met with twenty minutes of relatively weak material, often sitting through unjustifiably long stories for their mediocre punch-lines. The more interactive stuff worked better, when he needed audience members to test out his surprise ‘anti-snoring devices’ and when he produced a script from his bag which he’d written for audience members to perform. The script worked really well. Its faux-serious tone juxtaposed with the characters’ ‘subtle’ celebrations of Oliver went down a treat.

Having said this, Oliver Dean is a very comfortable performer. He is still young; this is his first attempt at stand-up and there is still much time to improve. He has a very English style, quite posh, quite suave and a bit nerdy.

Oliver Dean has potential but perhaps his ‘fantastic ego’ has made him somewhat too relaxed about his set. At current, this show can’t be recommended in the state it’s in, but with a bit more effort at the construction stage, to hone in on what he already has and add to it, perhaps with a bit more life experience he could be as fantastic as he thinks he is.

The Blurb

There was Abraham, Jesus and then Mohammed... Now there is Oliver Dean. Well at least in his head. One of the hottest young talents of stand-up has arrived! A must-see.