Here in a school’s performance hall is one of the best shows of the festival, in this humble reviewer’s opinion. The tale of a group of nuns putting on a talent show fundraiser to afford the burial of four dead nuns killed in a freak soup accident, the musical is trite and saccharine and chronicles the cast of holy sisters as they seek fortune or fame. It may be sugar-sweet, but what you should see it for is not only the hearty laughs the show provides, but the five women’s absolutely perfect performances. These are musical performances deserving of the West End. Every harmony is spot-on, as good as any cast recording, and the cast never falter from constant energy and professionalism. Whilst every so often there was a nervous glance during a few dance routines it is a small niggle with an otherwise flawless production. Norma Kinnear as the Reverend Mother, whilst equipped with a rather shaky American accent, is brilliant in her scene at the end of Act 1 and throughout the rest of the show has shining moments. Gabrielle Pavone as sister Mary Amnesia is a juggernaut of comedy, doing ventriloquy, country and gospel solos and also some of the best audience involvement of the festival. Niloo-Far Khan as Sister Robert Anne is equally hilarious and involving, with also one of the best voices I have ever heard on a stage, managing to make everything sound effortless.The show has a short run, and as it has started so late you have only days to catch it. With one of the best small ensemble casts I have seen and with voices so powerful - you’ll never notice the tiny number of people on stage.

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The Little Sisters of Hoboken are staging a benefit concert. Find out why and treat yourself to an evening of heavenly humour and divine musical mirth. Sister Act, eat your heart out! It'll be a sin to miss!