• Brighton Fringe

The Countess Alex Zapak, direct from Berlin, presents her captivating new show NU(I)TThe international, trans-media, award-winning artist to perform at Brighton Fringe 2017.Punk, Rock, Fellini, Spaghetti Western, lo-fi, Opera, cinematic surrealism, theatre, art, performance, multi-media, live experience. Alex brings everything she's got to her latest creation, a one-woman powerhouse of a show entitled NU(I)T. Encompassing visual screens to poetry to differently-costumed characterisation all set to her original musical score as she shares with us her hauntingly illuminating story... .A woman artist in an isolated, crumbling Italian palazzo sends video messages to her film director (hashtag) boyfriend in an attempt to connect using the shared language of classic Hollywood, Italian and French New Wave cinema, recreating cinematic and iconic photographic moments from Hitchcock to Fellini, Irving Penn to Mick Rock, casting herself and faces 'that speak ' as the cast of characters."It was my self appointed challenge to use the basic old magic, to create from nothing, using only the tools of one electric light and the infinite dark..using only one camera.Using the black and white image of optical illusion and human body ... I wanted to stretch myself and experiment as those early pioneers with limited equipment created images that have lasted since the 1920s to the present day ... as that was what was available to me living on a flooded but magical river bed, deep in the isolation of the Italian Ligurian countryside. Those artists such as Man Ray depicted women of light and dark, of danger and passion of air and water ... of transformation and sexuality ... as the very spirit of NU(I)T - The Egyptian goddess, of water and nighttime sky. She who holds a thousand souls. The barrier separating the forces of chaos from the ordered cosmos in the world,I am alone, with my beloved cat, Baby and the last of the wildlife in the golden age of stupid flicker