Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch

First and foremost, this is not a show for the faint-hearted. This is not the show for a shy audience. This is the perfect show for any Late-Night Comedy fan. Well, any comedy fan with a thick skin and iron stomach. While Norris and Parker have their fair share of a friendly audience, the show at first might seem a bit bizarre to anyone unfamiliar with their work, at first it’s difficult to describe.

Comedy in the Chaos

Burn the Witch presents itself initially as an assortment of sketches and vignettes – but it’s more than that. It follows the narrative of the village of Phallus Ridge (just opposite the similarly named cliffs), who’s residents are under the terror of the “Sex Witches” echoing a Salem Witch Trial panic. It also time jumps from “medieval” Phallus Ridge where Norris and Parker play a farming couple struggling to save their son Oedipussy, to modern day in which they transform into the characters of Jeanne Finger and Evangeline. In between intervals of Jeanne and Evangeline’s stories the audience is also treated to various sketches and character bits- including a VICE documentary parody detailing the danger of Stag Do’s, a humorous Ballad of Sweeney Todd Parody and an opening number which echoes back to Norris and Parker’s Feminazi sketch. Also joining the duo is comedian Hugh Davis who provides live sound effects and musical accompaniment and at points there is some added audience participation. It’s all a bit chaotic, but somewhere in the chaos, the comedy works.

It’s an odd jumble of a show but certain to provide plenty of edgy laughs. Norris and Parker rarely have a moment to rest and carry on as the comedy professionals they are, rarely letting a fumbled line, forgotten prop or costume piece get in their way. It’s almost as if they’re in on their own joke, absolutely not afraid to laugh at themselves but regaining character in a quick and timely fashion to carry-on with the show- and the audience loves it. Even the stone-faced Davis (who also gets brief moments to join in on the fun as Finger’s son Stavros and perform his Werewolf Ballad) has moments where he cracks a smile, only adding to the comedic suspense. So if you’re brave enough to venture to the world of Phallus Ridge, come join Norris and Parker for the fast paced edgy adventure that is Burn the Witch.

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Norris & Parker: Burn the Witch


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The Blurb

Debauched late-night sketch comedy for lovers of the strange, the sordid, the musical and the dark. The witching hour is upon you. The hotly anticipated brand-new hour from Norris & Parker. Their 2016 hit See You at the Gallows featured in The Guardian's top ten best comedy shows of the year. 'A bedrock of fine, funny writing and skilful comic performance' **** (Guardian). 'It calls to mind Phoebe Waller-Bridge's BBC Three hit Fleabag. There can be no bigger compliment' **** (Telegraph). ***** ( ***** (Skinny). **** (List).