No Frills Cabaret

Circus is changing; different art forms are being encompassed into the genre and many shows are far removed from the classic days of traditional circus, crossing the line into performance art, physical theatre and dance. No Frills Cabaret is definitely more Barnum & Bailey than Cirque du Soleil and it’s a refreshing change.

An excellent and enteraining display of skill.

The first act by Malia Walsh seems like it might be a run-of-the-mill hula hoop act but it has a fantastic reveal that I won’t spoil here, but suffice to say it made the routine even more spectacular. After her kick-ass opening to the show, Walsh takes the mic and welcomes us to the show explaining that this performance has no emcee and that each of the cast will introduce the next act. It’s a lovely idea for a show although the established emcee in me flinches a bit when it’s implied that we’re not actual performers. But I’m never one to hold a grudge so I’m open to the concept and delighted when our next emcee is the adorable Harvey Fletcher who shows that running away with the circus is something you can do no matter how young. He intros our next act, a raw and stunning trapeze routine from Jessie Rootbeer that leads into a phenomenal fire routine from Chris Carlos.

The rest of the very talented acts whiz by and the intros waver in ability but highlights include Lewie West’s rap intro and brilliant straps routine and Shade & Mini’s incredible fire routine.

No Frills Cabaret may be a show that strips back what circus can be but they’ve certainly not stripped back on the talent. An excellent and enteraining display of skill that shows that, if the skills are there, the audience will be too.

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The Blurb

No MC, no PRETENCE, no sequins*. After an award winning, sell-out Melbourne season, this ground-breaking show strips away the glitz, glamour and over-the-top lighting to leave you with what you need! 80kg of circus, a truckload of acrobatics, a healthy dose of comedy and a tonne of danger. No Frills is bringing highly skilled performers showcasing raw, unique and true performances that will either make you awe in astonishment of what the human body can do or make you realise how unfit you truly are. Featuring regular show stopping performances by Chris Carlos, Malia Walsh, Matt Casey, Anna Fisher & Amanda Lee plus a rotating cast of local and interstate circus superstars, this is one show not to be missed! Circus as it should be – all the skills none of the frills! *may contain sequins